I am Jack’s dark soul

I am the dark face which he never brings out, the nemesis which is even worse and bigger than any natural and unnatural epidemics. I am 10 times 9/11 worse and evil. I am greedy, power hungry and I have no regards for any soul. I use them when I want and the way I want. I was born in the middle of havoc, when mankind started exploiting everything around and almost everything seems to be available on sale at your local store. It’s ironical to see people saying no-no to human trafficking and have no problem with sale of animals, they don’t realize that we are after all, one of the most exotic animals on which it is priceless to even label a price. 

True Face

You know this world isn’t ready to accept the truth sometimes, that People are Evil; they hide it under their Skin- But I, I just don up the true mask that they really are. Ever wondered why the two words People and Evil rhyme so well. Well that’s no coincidence

The Evils, the fate, the deaths, the misery and the painfully true selfishness of Mankind have always resurrected me every time he needed me, when every time the social bonds of morality was just too much to believe and too stupid to follow. 

I am Jack's Ball of Fire

Its amazing to witness me being thrown left, right and centre without any immediate reaction or response. Einstein said that every action has its immediate reaction, but surprisingly I don't have any. Its like being a sponge and absorbing everything and never releasing anything. Buts its also amazing to see the chain reaction of a minute event like a splint inn Tyre would lead to delay to office, an abusive and frustrated boss and a bad day for a week to start. Its like a deja vu effect which keeps happening in again and again.

Broke, Unemployed and Blogging

This is going to be one of the most honest form of blog if anyone is wondering why someone would write a blog about being unemployed, is it to get some sympathy from the people surfing net or do I doubt my employ-ability. My expedition in search of job has got me wondering how ironical the whole concept of working is, you join a company to get some money in return for exploitation of the form of services that an individual can provide whether mental, emotional and physical that is strictly and solely meant for the immediate company which you are working for.

I am Jack’s sense of insecurity

The world around seems like a wasteland of unnecessary and mindless creation of items which we never needed, but now we are so compelled to use it. Ever wondered how companies like Apple, Microsoft came up with new gadgets and gizmos which we never thought of (cause we never needed them at the first place) and within the next second of the launch if the newest gadget or gizmo, if you don’t have it or you don’t know about it, you would seem like a retard on the street.